Jaron ( Coach Ron ) has had a passion for basketball since an early age. He played with a lot of great organizations such as Dayton Mohawks, Parkside, Westwood great overall programs. He had the chance to win the junior pro national championship in the 6th grade and that’s when basketball really took off for Him. He moved to Cincinnati and began blowing up on the basketball scene. He went to a lot of camps and played against the best of the best. He always held it down. He attended Cincinnati Western Hills high school were he accomplished a lot of personal goals he set for himself. He was on the road to success but unfortunately his life took a wild turn and he got injured and couldn’t play college ball. His next step was to help the youth some way, some how, so he started coaching. He coached high school stand outs such Kadar Gardner (Dunbar/Middletown ), Martel Smith (Dunbar) Sabien Doolittle (Catholic Central)Rahiem Moss (Springfield). Over the past 4 or 5 years He’s  shocked the Midwest as far as AAU basketball. MVP DYNASTY was the program we had accomplished a lot of great things with such as.
Runner up King James Gold Division
Multiple Midwest Youth Sports Championships
KBA Champions
Battle of the Bridges Champions
Beat Indiana Elite in the Championship Indy Heat Shootout
But now he’s excited to be a King. Coach Ron say “watch my next move be my best move.”

His coaching debut for the 2024 kings will be at the eybl nike circuit april 12th-14th in Akron.